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Neal and Mulan


Hey guys…. I have a new ship! Mulan and Neal = Firefighter

Part 4: Reunion

     The sun crept in arousing Emma to consciousness. It took a moment for her to remember where she was. Thankfully she didn’t drink enough to fully erase her memory of last night. She sat up studying her surroundings. On the journey home from New York, she didn’t really explore the ship. Taking care of Gold was her main concern. The room was small, but definitely more opulent then the rest of the rooms she did see. Walls were occupied with beautiful paintings of what she guessed were of Neverland, along with intricate treasure maps all with the infamous X marks the spot. This must be his cabin. She sat up rubbing the ache in her neck searching for Hook. The part that was a little fuzzy was what led her to end up in his bed. The last thing she saw before losing herself to dreams, was Hook’s eyes coalescing with hers.

      She reached into her pocket to retrieve her phone. 8:39 AM. She was sure David and Mary-Margaret were looking for her now. She dialed David’s number.

      “Emma? Are you okay? Where have you been?”

      David’s voice was a comfort to her now. It took awhile for the bond to form. But now that it had, she realized she always did want to be daddy’s little girl. “Yes, David I’m fine. I’m on Hooks ship. I-“

      “Hook’s ship?! Did he hurt you?”

       In the background she could hear Neal’s voice. She had worried them more than she thought. “No, no I’m okay. He found his way back to town. I just took him back to his ship to make sure he didn’t go after Gold.”

       David didn’t respond. There was a cacophony of voices arguing. “Emma, Neal’s on his way to the ship.”


      Emma crossed the room over to the heavy wooden door. The frigid morning air welcomed her as she pried it open. Walking out to the deck, she found Hook lounged on the ledge of the ship. It was obvious he hadn’t slept. His eyes were bloodshot, his hair disheveled, and his posture lacked life. Hook became cognizant of her presence. They met each other’s gaze.

     “Leaving, Swan?” Hook asked breaking the silence.

      How was she supposed to tell him about the love she once told him about? Tell him that Baelfire was Neal. That Neal was on his way for one messed up reunion. “There’s something you should know.”

Part 3: Cannon

     Killian sat with Emma and waited until she succumbed to her torpor. When he knew she had truly given in, he surreptitiously snuck out to the deck to look out into the stars. In Neverland the stars were much brighter, even closer. In this world they were barely visable. Why anyone would want to live in this land was beyond him.

      He gazed out over the water. The ship creaked with every wave that crashed into it. Before Milah passed, he planned to barter for (or steal) a bigger ship. One worthy of him and his crew. But after she died he couldn’t part with it, as if he could still feel her presence. He kept anything that made him feel close to her, even if it did give the boat an even more morose atmosphere. Milah was the only woman he ever loved. The rest of them were only for his own amusement. It wasn’t until now he realized that he could posess those feelings again.

      Emma reminded him of the rusty old cannons on his ship. On the outside they seemed used and worn from each battle they fought. But they were unassailably strong, full of unbelievable power. Within the first five minutes of meeting Emma he could tell someone had broken her. But beyond those sad lonely eyes and her clever quips she hid behind, she was beautiful and tough. Milah was a free spirit. His life with her was full of adventure and spontenaety. After her death all he thought about was avenging her, killing Rumple. His life of levity was supplanted with gravity. Love had become a faint memory; a short time of pure bliss. Never once did he expect Emma.

Part 2: Mending heart

    Emma followed Hook down the hall to the back room of the ship. Gold’s blood was still scattered across the floor, but it was now a dark dried red. Emma could see the disgust in Hook’s face. She laughed a little.

     Hook reached into a large chest and pulled out a dusty liqor bottle. “Care for a drink?”

    “No, I really think I should-“

    “I need the company. It’s the least you could do after bashing me over the head with a trash can.” He winked as he popped the corked out of the bottle.

    Emma bit her lip trying to fight a smile. It did feel good knocking him out. Twice. “Fine, one drink.”

    Hook took a long sip from the bottle then handed it to Emma. “If you drink on my ship you drink like a pirate.”

    Emma gave him a skeptical look then wrapped her lips around the opening of the bottle, letting the liquid roll down her throat. It burned going down but had the sweetest after taste. She took a longer sip, letting it slide across her tastebuds. She never drank to solve her problems, but she was just so desperate to forget everything she was feeling. She could let herself slip up just one night. Tomorrow it would be back to the same stoic attitude. Hook kicked her a stool. Emma took another voracious drink of rum as she sat willingly.

    “That rum is over 300 years old.” He commented taking the bottle from her so he could take another swig. “Liquor is one of the only things that get better with time.” He rested his shoulder against the wall, letting all of his weight depend on it. “They also say the heart mends itself over time. But the thing is,” Killian looked into Emma’s eyes, “My heart hasn’t healed at all.”

    Emma actually felt comfortable in his gaze. She knew exactly how that felt. It has always scared her how much they shared. “Yeah well time doesn’t help grudges either. Only makes them stronger.”

    Hook lifted his brow handing her the bottle so she could finish it off. “Pretty and wise.”

    Emma was starting to feel the room spin a little. “That’s some strong stuff.”

    “My purpose wasn’t to get you drunk.” Hook grinned leaning towards her.

     She started giggling like a little girl, she was definitely drunk. But it was as if the rum had no effect on Hook. She imagined a pirate would have a pretty high tolerance for alcohol. She stood feeling it really hitting her now.”Then what was the purpose?”

     Killian watched her with amusement as she set down the now empty bottle. She lost all grace in her movements. “What’s the reoccurring theme between us, Swan?” He took hold of her arm not waiting for a reply. “Trust. I want you to trust me.”

     A hiccup caused Emma to practically jerk into his arms. “If you were a knight following the code of chivalry, sure. But you’re Captain Hook.”

      Hook nodded sweeping her hair off her shoulder. “I guess that’s how you’ll always see me.”

      Emma clung to Hook as she lost her balance. She was in no condition to drive home. Hook had no idea where to take her, and going through town was like a suicide mission. He scooped up Emma into his arms trying not to harm her with his hook. There was no struggle. She just wrapped her arms around his neck. He climbed the stairs exposing them to the frigid air. She held on tighter. Hook could smell lavendar in her hair. He entered his Captain Quarters and crossed the room to his cot. He laid Emma down, covering her with a blanket probably older than he was. He then lit a candle on the bedside table.

     “If I don’t come home they’ll wonder where I am.” Emma protested. But instead of fighting it, she gave in. Gave in to the warmth, the comfort, the company. “I don’t like to worry them.”

     “Showing up drunk wouldn’t be any better. Just sleep it off, Swan.” He grumbled taking a seat at the foot of the bed. She looked like an angel under that candle light.


well i guess that’s the end of the Emma/August ship

Captain Swan Fan Fic: Pt. 1 You found me

      The gravel clunked under her tires as she veered off the road. Tears cascaded down Emma’s cheeks as she brought the car to an abrupt stop. She had to get out of city limits; catch her breath. Henry was safe with Neal and Tamara, and Gold was watching over Mary-Margaret. David almost begged her to leave. She guessed he could tell she needed a break.

     Emma let her pathetic sobs fill the car. She had been holding it in for weeks. Even finding her family, having Henry in her life, and Neal now living in Storybrooke, she still couldn’t share her true feelings with anyone. She could only count on one hand of the people she’s let inside. But she was used to her walls with no windows.

     In the darkness, she could see Hook approaching her car. She knew it wouldn’t be long for him to find his way back. If it were any other day, she’d have him pinned to the ground by now. But there was no will left in her to fight him. She wiped the last tears she would let fall, took a deep breath, and got out of her car to meet him halfway. Instead of Hook looking angry there was no expression on his face.

    “You didn’t kill him, Hook.”

    Hook just nodded keeping his eyes locked on hers. “I figured.”

    “You know I’m going to have to lock you up or something. I can’t have you and Gold always trying to kill each other.”

    “I was so close. I almost killed him.” He came towards her making her feel uneasy. “You don’t know what it’s like to have something in the palm of your hand, then have it snatched away faster than you can blink your pretty little eyes.”

    It was obvious he wasn’t just talking about failing to kill Gold. “Maybe I should take you-“

    “You know what the irony of all of it is? He posses love and he’s still the same vile monster.” He spat, now gritting his teeth.

    Emma shifted her weight. “How did you get here anyway?”

    Hook grinned. “Well I used my irresistible charm, love. I hitched a ride to a town just outside of Storybrooke. Then walked the rest of the way.” He leaned closer. “So don’t worry, they don’t know about your precious little town.”

      Emma felt her shoulders let go of the tension she had no idea was even there. “I don’t know if I can let you back into town.”

     Hook’s face hardened, “I won’t go after Stiltskin. That coward will one day come to me. And that beautiful, will be the day I skin him.”

     Emma rolled her eyes. “I’ll take you back to your ship.” She gripped his arm guiding him towards the car. “But promise me you won’t go after Gold.”

    Hook smugly bowed his head. “I promise, princess.”



thanks to the anon who brought this to my attention and to uni for sending me the link, because i now have cora’d my heart so i don’t have to feel these things


Captain Swan feelings abound. This is such a beautiful cover.

Like a river flows, surely to the sea.

Darling, so it goes, some things are meant to be.

It’s all there. You can’t help but think of them, the lyrics are perfect. 



I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift played on The Recorder

I can’t breathe

alexisjanne: Kill it with fire!! It sounds like someone filled a sack with thirty cats and a bunch of balloons filled with hydrochloric acid and then beat them with a pool cue.

Finding Bae (Fanfic)

    Emma helped Henry out of the cab as Gold stood staring at the coffee shop.

    “Is he here?” Henry asked as the cab drove away. 

    Gold looked down to Henry and smiled. “I believe he is.”

    “Then what are we waiting for?” Emma grumbled. She just wanted to get this over with and get back to Storybrooke. She knew David and Mary-Margaret had things under control for now. But she was worried what Cora and Regina would do as one force. At least Henry was safe with her.

    Gold turned to Emma. “I don’t know how he’ll react when he sees me. I’ve waited this long to find my boy, but I’m afraid.”

    Gold had stripped down. All of his walls had disappeared. Now Emma just saw a desperate man. “I’ll go in.”

    Fear played in all of his features. “Yes, well you’ll need this.” Gold handed her a compass. “I put and enchantment on it. It will lead you right to Bae.”

    Emma nodded then kneeled down next to Henry. “Wait with Mr. Gold, okay? I will be right back.”

    Henry didn’t look too thrilled. He wanted to tag along, be part of the action.

    Emma walked in past the doors and was immediately welcomed by warmth. She pulled off her gloves and stuck them in her coat pocket. She looked around the room. The place was packed. This would be impossible. Emma looked down to the compass. It directed her left, to a bar along the window. She weaved her way through the crowd keeping her eye on the arrow. The compass kept leading her deeper and deeper into the shop. Then the direction changed. It now pointed straight. Emma looked up to see a man sitting at the end bar reading a newspaper. His hood was up over his head. She walked towards him. Now standing behind him, Emma tried to figure out how to confront him. She placed her hand on his shoulder.


    In an instant the man jerked from his stool and knocked Emma to the ground running for the door. Emma got back to her feet then stumbled after him through mass of people. Outside, Gold looked distraught.

    “Which way did he go?”

    His shaky hand pointed right.

    Emma sprinted through walking pedestrians. She saw Bae turn into an alley. She caught up to him as he tried to hop a fence. Emma grabbed hold of this jacket and threw him to the ground. He tried to crawl away but she hurled herself on top of him, rolling him onto his back. Then their eyes met, and the struggle stopped.


    Neal just laid there, staring. He looked older but it was still the face that was branded into Emma’s memory. Neal’s hands found their way to her face. He tucked her hair behind her ear. “Emma.”

    Emma could hardly breathe. It came out staggered and short. “Are you Baelfire?”

    Tears just fell from his eyes. “I’ve waited so long to see you again.” Then he drew her in, locking her into a kiss.

    For a moment, Emma was right back in that yellow Volkswagon Beetle. Passionately in love with Neal again. Running from the law. Living every moment like it was her last. But reality came back to her and she pulled away. He left her. He turned her in. “How dare you!”

    That brought Neal back from their past into the harsh reality along with her. “Emma I never stopped loving you. I had to leave you. Let you live your destiny.”

    Neal helped Emma to her feet. Her eyebrows pulled together. “Destiny?”

     He took her hands. “I’m from over there too. Real name’s Bae.”

    Neal told her all about what happend the night she was arrested. How August found him on his way to meet her. How he had no idea his father was here in the real world, and that the girl he had fallen in love with was also from his land. August told him that she was a part of a bigger plan and she was meant to break a curse that his father had implemented. And that he needed to leave her in order for her to fufill her destiny.

    Emma spent years hating Neal, and now it was almost as if there were no feelings at all for Neal. The hate was now for August invading her life. When it was his fault for not protecting her.

    “I was going to come to Storybrooke. August promised me that he would tell me when you broke the curse and I could come find you. I just wasn’t ready to come yet.”

    They were in the shadows of the alley and the sun was beginning to set. Emma stayed silent for Neal’s entire explanation. She cleared her throat. “Your father brought me here to find you. I had no idea you were his son.”

   Neal’s eyes widened. “He’s here?”

   “Yes, Bae I am.” Gold and Henry had found them. Gold couldn’t even control his tears. He walked toward his son.

    Neal hesitated taking a step back. “You didn’t come with me. You promised me.”

    “I know son. You were right. I was a coward. I have always been a coward. I should have gone with you. I love you Bae, please forgive me.”

    Neal shook his head. “I had to grow up without you.”

    Rumple put his hand on his son’s cheek. “I’m here now.”

    Neal lost all control and just fell into his father’s arms. They held each other. Both crying. Emma walked over to Henry who wrapped his arms around her waist as they watched father and son together again.

    Neal’s eyes opened and met Emma’s. He then looked down the to Henry. Emma could she him putting it together in his head.

    Before Neal could say anything, Gold was leading him towards the street. “Let’s take you home.”

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